31 Oct 2014

Cute Kitty Nail Art

Another quick and easy mani today :)

I saw a cute photo on my personal Facebook news feed the other day and just had to copy it on my nails.... Even my personal friends are not safe from me!!

Anyway I used Cream Puff by CND Vinylux as the base on all fingers. I then topped the index and little finger with Sick Lacquers Scatterbrains. The cute kitty is hand painted with acyclic paints and a small brush called Edinburgh Realism Grace 9.

Cute Kitty Nail Art easy quick

Cute Kitty Nail Art

I am thinking about taking a small break from blogging. I will continue to post when I can but I think it will only be about once a week. I feel I have not been bringing my best game so will go away for a bit and try and improve things for you all. 

See you all soon 

29 Oct 2014

Arrow Doodle Nail Art

We have something less gross on the blog today, here is a simple nail art with a doodle feel.
I saw this image on Pinterest and it inspired me to create this nail art. Mine is no way as good mind you!

Easy Opi Arrow Doodle Nail Art tribal aztec hand painted

I used 

OPI Pink Friday 
Color Club Unknown (I think its Gingerbread)
Acrylic Paint 

Just a quick mani today but I am happy with it. The reverse French style would be cute as an all over mani too, 
What do you think?

27 Oct 2014

Gross Halloween Pustule Nails!

Hahah yes you read that right! Today I saw THESE nails by The Daily Nail and had to give it a go!

I don't know if these are more wart type nails or pustule nails but they reek of Halloween!

Halloween Pustule Nails warts puss gross 3d nail art

For all the details and more gross pictures, join me after the jump! 

24 Oct 2014

Yume Lacquer Rainbow Heart Review, Swatches and Nail Art!

Today I have my last Yume Lacquer to show you. I have saved my favourite polish until last.

Rainbow Heart is described as "A medium rosy pink with a slight golden shimmer and holographic microglitter" on Yumelacquer.com and I couldn't have  described it better myself, LOL. It is part of the Moon Defender Collection and is inspired by Sailor Moon. 

This polish isn't unlike Pink Lady, you can see my review HERE, but I would say the main difference is that Pink Lady is verging on neon but this is much more of a rosy muted pink shade. I absolutely adore it! 

These photos show two thick coats with top coat.

Direct Sunlight 

To read my full review and see a million other photos (okay not literally a million) please join me after the page jump.

20 Oct 2014

Halloween Spider Nail Art

Finally had time to heave a play with a Halloween design!
There is some bad news unfortunately, well bad for the claw lovers, the claws are gone *sobs*  I broke the index one and there was no chance of a repair. I am back to nubbs now but that may please some of the claw haterz lol!

I am not hating the short nails as much as I thought I would. Its nice to have a change!

 For more info and pictures, as always, join me after the break! (I love saying that as it makes me feel like a TV presenter!)