30 Sep 2014

Seek the Fire with Stamping

A quick and simple mani today using one of my favourite brands, Cadillacquer.

Cadillacquer polish are so unique and I love pretty much all of them. They have colour combinations you wouldn't necessarily put together but always look good. My fave indie polish of all time, Masterpiece, is made by Cadillacquer.

Stamping Nail Art using Cadillacquer Seek the Fire

28 Sep 2014

Water Marble Nail Art Decals

I feel so proud of myself right now! After 5 hours of practise I finally got water marbling to work for me!

I sat at my table last night and and just messed around with the polishes I had, I also got some great advice from Tracey from Bite No More. I found that my Essie polishes worked best and that's what I used to create this look.
The main thing that has put me off marbling in the past is the mess. It looked so much hassle and so much clean up. Then I saw @yagala on instagram making a water marble decal and I knew I had to try it! @Yagala also has a YouTube channel which you can see HERE 

Water Marbling Decal Nail Art essie

For loads more pictures and all the details, join me after the jump!

27 Sep 2014

Yume Lacquer Pink Lady Swatch and Review


Hi my lovelies. I haven't blogged in what feels like forever but it in fact has only been a few days. Things are moving in a tiring slow motion here. An endless round of school runs and naughty boys.

Anyway.... I have Yume Lacquer on the blog again today, you may remember some swatches from a while back, You can see them here, here, here and finally here

Yume Lacquer is a about as geeky as they come, in the polish world that is! And that sure isn't a bad thing! Amanda, the creator of Yume Lacquer, bases her polishes on anime and manga. 
Today we have Pink Lady. a salmon pink shade which is bordering on neon. It has micro holographic glitter. 
This polish is inspired by Chibi Usa/ Sailor Chibimoon and comes from the Moonlight Defender collection. 

Yume Lacquer Pink Lady Swatch art brand indie

I added some brand related art, in a Tips and Topcoat style but obviously not as good! I need to get more brush practice in.

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24 Sep 2014

Fantasy Stamping Nail Art

Yay, nail mail day!
I have finally received some, not all, of my stamping plates. I ordered these about 3 weeks ago from Aliexpress.
I don't mind waiting when they are this cheap mind you and the ones I have tried so far stamp perfectly well.

Today I have a nail art featuring plate KD27. I think this might be a cheaper version of a more expensive plate? This plate picked up perfectly fine, I had no problems at all :)

KD 27 Stamping Plate

To see what I created please join me after the jump!

23 Sep 2014

Bright Watercolour Effect Nail art

Hello my lovelies!
Been another stressful week, will I ever get used to the school routine?!

I have no idea what to call this nail art. Its bright and reminds me of slushed watercolour with perhaps an Indian sari type theme? I have no idea!
Well anyway here it is....

Watercolour Nail Art With Stamping glitter moyou

For more pictures and a how to video click read more....