1 Sep 2014

Fish Scales Nail Art


This week I saw a lush nail art by Sammy from The Nailasarus and suddenly remembered that I had some fish scales stencils from Nail Stickrs that I still hadn't tried!

To see the tutorial video and what polishes I used, join me after the jump! 

28 Aug 2014

Suzi's Hungary Again with Glitter Zebra Nail Art

Hello my lovelies! Are you all having a great week?
Its nearly time for my son to start school for the very first time so I am feeling a bit stressed here.

Today I have another simple nail art for you! A bit of zebra, an untried OPI and a glitter nail art pen are the focus of today's post.

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24 Aug 2014

Marcus Manis: Bridget Riley Inspired

Hello my lovelies!

Its that time of the week where we see what nail arr Marcus has been doing. If your new to the blog then ill just take a minute to fill you in. Marcus is my father in law. He is an artist and hew also enjoys painting and having his nails painted. When he comes to visit we sit ans brain storm about designs, Marcus usually goes for something inspired by another artist.

Anyway here is what he came up with this time.

 More pictures and details after the JUMP!

21 Aug 2014

Sparkly Nails Water Decals

Hello my lovelies! I'm sorry I haven't been around recently, its the summer holidays and both my sons birthdays. 

I have a review of some more water decals by Sparkly Nails for you today.

To see what I created and what I thought please click the "Read More" button! 

14 Aug 2014

O.P.I Gradient and Stamping Nail Art

I recently bought some new O.P.I and thought I would do a little nail at with them!

I haven't bought any newer O.P.I's in a while but when I saw these lovely shades I just had to! I am in love in corals and pinky shades at the mo, which is strange as I used to hate orange or pink shades with a passion. I think I may have turned into a girl.

For this subtle gradient I used Sorry I am Fizzy Today and Live Love Carnival. Sorry I Am Fizzy Today doesn't have a great formula unfortunately. Its streaky and hard to apply and took three coats and I still wasn't happy, but I am willing to forgive as I LOVE this shade. It is unlike any other pinks I have.

They may look quite similar shades in my photos but as you can see in the bottle shot they really are different.
I then added some stamping using a MoYou stamping plate. Its an abstract design that reminds me of something you would see on an fabric from the 1980/1990's.

What do you think of this nail art? Have you tried any of these O.P.I shades?